How will the channel fare in the era of digital transformation?

It’s a question a lot of people have been asking. The general concern among many: if MSPs, VARs and solution providers rely on one or two basic digital technologies to propel their businesses, especially ones that are being homogenized and commoditized, then they may be putting themselves in jeopardy. This is because MSPs that operate at scale and across state and/or national lines are gaining in influence at the expense of those who once counted on a regional presence or local customer familiarity to sustain their influence.

Today’s customers want help transforming their businesses with digital innovation. While they absolutely value those providers who can provide uptime, security and continuity, they prioritize those that can help them operate more efficiently or grow their revenue.

That’s the promise of the digital revolution under way today. Forward thinkers who combine multiple digital innovations—think social media, the Internet of things, data analytics, mobility, cloud computing, etc.—are transforming their industries, companies and careers. This includes Uber, Tesla, Amazon, Cleveland Clinic and companies by the score.

This month, I was invited to share my thoughts on this topic with CompTIA’s research Senior Directors Seth Robinson and Carolyn April on their popular podcast, “Volley.” Both are not only top researchers in their field, they are also Penton Xperts whose columns regularly appear on CompTIA’s site and ours.

In this episode of Volley, we discuss the role the channel can play in digital transformation and some other odd bits. They include Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings, Boston Celtic Isaiah Thomas and a curious blacksmith shop in Brookline, N.H.