The fifth-annual MSPmentor 100 survey -- which identifies the world's top managed services providers -- closes on Friday, December 23. Why should small, midsize and large MSPs participate? Here are six reasons to get in the action...

... and complete the survey.
  1. The MSPmentor 100 is the MSP industry's definitive research report.
  2. The free survey is global, and the resulting report puts the spotlight on top MSPs across North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and AANZ (Asia, Australia, New Zealand).
  3. The survey uses a range of metrics (annual revenue dollar growth, percentage growth, devices managed, etc.) to ensure a mix of small, midsize and large MSPs earn a spotlight.
  4. All MSPmentor 100 companies will appear on the MSPmentor 100 site, and MSPmentor will link back to your site -- delivering readers and search engine optimization to MSPmentor 100 companies.
  5. Some MSPmentor 100 companies will appear in FastChat video profiles. You're free to use those videos anywhere on the web. For examples visit
  6. Over the past four years, more than a dozen MSPmentor 100 companies have been acquired. If you want to attract potential buyers, the MSPmentor 100 list can put your success in the spotlight.
  7. The free survey is available at
Thanks to those who have already completed the survey. MSPmentor looks forward to wrapping up the research on Friday, December 23, with results to surface in February 2011.