As IT service providers and managed service providers (MSPs) prepare for 2015, we are doing the same here over at MSPmentor. The teams of MSPmentor, Talkin' Cloud and The VAR Guy spent a frozen day together in Mahattan recently, talking about plans for the year ahead. So we obviously didn't have time to do much writing. Here are 7 things we didn't write about.

1. Good Technology, the mobility management company, this week announced what it says is the industry’s first enterprise split billing solution. Good Work with Data is designed to fix what Good says is one of the top shortcomings of BYOD – that employees aren’t always reimbursed for work-related data usage on their personal devices. Good told MSPmentor that the solution is available for pilot deployments on iOS and Android now.

2. Meanwhile, Data Dynamics, a company that provides storage management solutions for hybrid and private cloud environments announced big growth for 2014 – record revenues of which 95 percent came from the channel.

3. Google this week introduced the beta of a new tool designed to help diagnose the cause of network bottlenecks. First teased at Google Cloud Trace at Google I/O 2014, Google is making this tool, aimed at cloud application developers, available in beta to Google Cloud Platform customers this week.  The company said that the tool lets you quickly find traces for slow requests and view a detailed report of where time is spent in applications while processing these requests.  

4. Forecasts and predictions are everywhere at this time of year. We added some of our own for 2015 here. And we’ve had fun looking at what everyone else thinks will happen in the year ahead. One of the top IT service providers around, closely aligned with Google, issued its own recently. Cloud Sherpas’ list, not surprisingly, includes a prediction of large scale migrations to the cloud. They also say that containerization (you remember Docker) will eliminate PAAS.  (let us know if you agree or disagree with that in the comments below). Here are the rest of Cloud Sherpas’ predictions.

5. On the remote monitoring and management side of the house (RMM) we hear that Kaseya has made release 9 available for beta testers. (It seems like just yesterday we were writing about release 8.) If you are a member of the Kaseya community you are eligible to participate in this beta test.

6. One of the highlights of my week was talking to LabTech Geek founder Martyn Keigher.  He told me about how the online community got started and how it has evolved since then. I’ll share the full story on that next week.

7. Remember Box and its IPO plans? Well, the company updated its S1 filing with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission this week and it looks like it is targeting floating its offering sometime in the first quarter or first half of 2015, but at a lower value than previously planned.  It was almost a year ago that we covered Box’s planned $250 million IPO. Now the company plans to raise about $135 million. There’s more coverage of the change over here.

Got any tips or news for future posts? Please send them to me at Jessica.davis (at) Among my New Year's resolutions is making 7 Blogs a regular Friday feature again. Happy New Year!