You’ve closed the books on 2013, and now you may be evaluating your successes and your failures. What have you learned in the process, and how will you change how you operate in 2014?

Channel sales expert Kendra Lee has put together these recommendations to get your sales efforts moving for success in the new year. So put down that champagne and get started.

Black Monday: 8 Tips to Avoid the Fate of Failed NFL Coaches

Last week, the NFL “celebrated” one of its annual rights of passage—Black Monday. On that day (the first Monday after the regular season ends), a handful of coaches find their heads on the proverbial chopping block, and this year was certainly no different. Sales managers will relate to this what-have-you-done-for-me-lately culture. So the question is What are you doing right now to make sure that 2014 is one of your best years yet? How are you making sure you are headed to the Super Bowl and not the unemployment line?

How to be an Olympic Salesperson in 2014

The preparation, discipline, focus and training necessary to qualify for Olympic games is akin to how your business should be approaching the new year. Here’s how to make this year one of your best yet by approaching it like an Olympic athlete.

Reflecting on the Top Sales Tips from 2013

There’s one thing every service provider should do as we look at the successes and failures of the last year. Pause for a moment and think about what you can learn from it. What could you have done better? Which missteps do you need to avoid in the future? What did you do that worked well—and are those things repeatable? Answering those questions can reveal a lot about what caused you to have a great (or not so great) year, and help you plan ahead for 2014.