Have you been a good student and made yourself a LinkedIn profile yet? I talk a lot about the power of LinkedIn as an amazing marketing tool for MSPs, but I see a lot of people stumped when it comes to actually building a following there. They set up an account, upload their resume to the site, add a selfie from their iPhone, and then call it a job well done.

That’ll get you nowhere.

You can’t just wait for followers to come to you on LinkedIn – you have to put yourself out there and offer something of value. Once you start establishing yourself as an expert, you can build bigger, more sprawling networks that will actually attract people you don’t already know, people who might actually be interested in the services of your MSP. But you can only do that if you prove that you’re worth it.

Here are five tips for providing useful, worthy information that will appeal to other business owners on LinkedIn, so you can build their interest, establish trust, and begin promoting and selling your service:

1. Create your own LinkedIn Group. This is a great way to attract followers who want to improve their business using the best and most current information technologies. Cyber security is a key issue today. Consider using this subject as a focus for your group, and position yourself as an expert in the field.

2. Participate in other LinkedIn Groups. By doing so, you can highlight your own profile and attract followers. Once you’ve positioned yourself as a tech security expert and a knowledgeable resource, you’ll have an opportunity to promote your business.

3. Promote your Linkedin Page via other marketing vehicles. Include a link to your LinkedIn Page on your website, in emails, sales letters, newsletters, and other collateral materials. Cast your net wide to bring as many followers to your page as possible – you’ve got to be your biggest promoter.

4. Take advantage of LinkedIn Follow Ads. Follow Ads can be promoted to businesses in your area. They help you reach and attract the right followers — those who are interested in the services you provide, and in an area that you cover. Be sure to add a LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website. (Hint: Ulistic websites connect all your social media platforms together without you having to lift a finger. Just a note.)

5. Ask your employees to be LinkedIn “Ambassadors.” After all, they are some of your best advocates. Ask them to create personal LinkedIn profiles that include your business name, and a link to your website. Make sure their profile includes a call to action showing off why a business owner would want to bother checking your MSP out.

Only 1 in 100 IT firms think marketing first, but 100 out of 100 want more leads. Ulistic is here to help managed services providers think strategically about their marketing to get more leads while still focusing on running their business. Our team engages with your team every day, providing expert marketing materials and advice to create a foundation for stratospheric success. Learn more at Ulistic.com.