Remote access software provider LogMeIn (LOGM) today announced an integration between LogMeIn Central and professional services automation (PSA) company Autotask that "empowers managed service providers (MSPs) to efficiently manage today's mobile workforce."

The new integration is designed to help MSPs become more efficient and reduce their customer response times, according to LogMeIn.

LogMeIn Central is a web-based remote computer management software that enables MSPs to access their computers, deploy LogMeIn hosts and perform routine maintenance.

The LogMeIn Central integration with Autotask, meanwhile, could help MSPs better respond to customer requests.

"We see the impact of this Autotask integration dramatically increasing the long-term efficiency of our MSP channel partners," LogMeIn Director of Products Gregg LaRoche told MSPmentor. "This new feature allows each support technician to more quickly and intelligently respond to trouble in their customer environments. It will allow a technician to perform more efficiently and more quickly with the right information, thus helping MSPs scale their IT support business and maintain superior customer service."

Len DiCostanzo, Autotask's senior vice president of community and business development, said he believes the new integration will enable MSPs to bolster their customer satisfaction levels.

"Creating a simplified experience for our MSP customers that allows them to focus on growing their business, managing customers, onboarding new clients and increasing their bottom line is a top priority for us," he said in a prepared statement. "This new integration with [LogMeIn] Central allows for more effective remote management permitting MSPs to do just that."  

How can MSPs leverage the new integration?

The LogMeIn Central-Autotask integration allows MSPs to:

  • Automatically generate tickets when alerts are triggered
  • Acknowledge alerts in LogMeIn Central when a ticket is closed in Autotask
  • Configure ticket parameters that map to Autotask fields
  • Diagnose and fix remote computers directly from Autotask
  • Initiate a secure remote control session from Autotask tickets

Ted Roller, LogMeIn's vice president of channel development, added the integration can help MSPs and IT service providers meet the needs of today's mobile workforce.

"We believe that today's MSPs and IT service providers have a great opportunity to better service their clients, differentiate their services from the competition and create new revenue streams by addressing the inherent realities of today's mobile, distributed workforce," he said. "By bringing together the best of [LogMeIn] Central and Autotask -- tools trusted and relied upon by today's MSPs -- we can help our channel partners continuously improve their ability to monitor systems, automate tasks and better manage devices, both inside and outside of the office."

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