Bomgar has released a new version of its enterprise remote support solution. Bomgar 14.2 adds security improvements, better support for managing workflows and improvements to increase technician productivity, the company said. Here are the details.

More granular security in the newest version enables more control over remote access to systems -- something that might have prevented an issue like last year's data breach of Target stores.  The system can enable administrators to limit access to specific systems and set time parameters around when the access can be used, the company said.

The update also includes a Wake On LAN feature that allows technicians to remotely support computers, even when they are turned off or powered down.

"The new Wake On LAN feature is one that I'm particularly excited about," Morrelle McCrary, CEO of RAM-Tech PC Solutions and Bomgar 14.2 early adopter, said in a prepared statement. "We often need to access computers that have been shut down, and now we don't have to inconvenience the end user to turn that machine back on if we need access after-hours or after they have finished their work day."

Bomgar also added Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions features, which allow support representatives to work in the background on a computer without interrupting the end user.

Cam Philbeck, senior IT technologist at the University of Tennessee Extension and Bomgar 14.2 early adopter, commented on Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions:

"Remote Registry Editor and System Information Actions are very significant and valuable updates for us. Providing remote support is all about keeping employees productive, and with these new features, both the support rep and the end user can get their jobs done at the same time."

Other Bomgar 14.2 features include:

  • Centralized representative console settings
  • Configurable Jump Client installer
  • Delegated password administration
  • Multi-team Jump Client access
  • Overflow routing rules
  • Rep-to-rep screen sharing
  • User account details reporting

More than 8,000 organizations across 65 countries use Bomgar to improve their customer satisfaction levels and reduce their operating costs, the company said.

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