Remote control and online meeting software provider TeamViewer is expanding into the cloud-based remote monitoring and management and asset tracking markets with a new solution called ITbrain. Here are the details.

ITbrain is designed to provide IT administrators with system checks, asset tracking, alerts, email notifications and tools for maximizing performance of IT assets, the company said. The new offering builds on the release in March of the TeamViewer Management Console, which added user management and other features to the TeamViewer portfolio.

ITbrain gives IT administrators access to their data from any web-enabled device and it includes dashboards for collected data and the ability to export data to create printable reports.

The company has also updated its remote control and online meeting software. TeamViewer has added a host of remote monitoring features including ones that check for disk space, monitor windows updates, monitors antivirus status and sends an alert if Windows Firewall is disabled.

In addition, the new ITbrain offering which is available with subscription, includes the following system checks and features, the company said:

  • Policy Based Management – policies containing predefined system checks can be applied to single monitored devices or group of devices, enabling settings to be inherited
  • IT Asset Tracking – software and hardware of monitored devices is shown in an inventory report with an overview of all IT assets. IT assets information can be drilled down into with filtering features
  • Online Status – alerts IT administrators when a device goes offline
  • Disk Health – generates alert when a disk error is reported
  • Memory Usage – generates alert when available memory falls behind the set threshold
  • CPU Usage – alerts when the average for any processor exceeds the set threshold
  • Process – generates an alert when a specified process is running or not running
  • Windows Service – monitors Windows services and alerts IT administrator if a service has stopped
  • Event Log – can be configured to alert IT administrator when specific information is discovered in an event log

Features available may depend on the operating system, the company said.

ITbrain licenses are calculated per end-point on a monthly or annual basis, and volume discounts are available.

TeamViewer’s new release comes at a volatile time for the remote monitoring and management market as several MSP-centric providers have undergone changes in ownership and sometimes management over the last year.  Many of these deals have involved moving much RMM functions to cloud-based offerings.  TeamViewer’s ITbrain adds another option to this field of players.