Security solutions vendor BeyondTrust this week has rolled out a new IT risk management platform that unifies two security methodologies to assist managed services providers (MSPs) with compliance reporting.

BeyondInsight, which integrates privileged account management and vulnerability management, provides MSPs with a common dashboard interface for multiple BeyondTrust solutions, including centralized asset discovery, reporting, analytics, and other platform capabilities.

BeyondTrust Marketing Vice President Michael Yaffe said in an email that bringing together privileged account management and vulnerability management is "central to best practice security procedures, and, just as importantly, critical to effective compliance reporting."

"This is a major area for MSPs to demonstrate value to their SMB/SME customers -- how to achieve and maintain compliance with limited resources," he said.

The new platform enables MSPs to scale their operations, while offering privileged account and vulnerability management to a wide range of customers, Yaffe pointed out.

BeyondTrust has made enhancements to its partner marketing efforts, Yaffe told MSPmentor. These efforts include making market development funds (MDF) available to partners, as well as supplying additional headcount to support and increase the company's global network of partners.

The company's "significant investments in partner marketing have resulted in 42 percent growth in registered opportunities within the past six months," he said.

Partners can also expect to see a new partner certification program in the second half of 2014, Yaffe added.

"At BeyondTrust, our goal is to consistently build a foundation that offers our partners significant opportunities to grow their business," he said. "You can expect to see continued investment in solutions that will help MSPs scale, without the burden of massive physical resources."

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