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Acronis: An Industry Leader in Data Protection

Acronis is a global provider of cloud and on-premise new generation data protection for any data in any environment in any location.   Acronis products protect the data of over 5 million consumers, 300,000 businesses, and 5 million virtual machines in over 130 countries.

Acronis cloud solutions are powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, a set of unique, deep, and powerful technologies that capture, store, recover, control, and access any data.

Acronis provides a full range of cloud solutions to enable Service Providers to quickly tap into the growing market for data protection solutions, including backup, disaster recovery, secure file access and storage services. Acronis is a developer of software and a service provider that delivers cloud solutions in the form of hosted services and MSP-ready applications that can be sold as services.  By plugging into a Service Provider’s existing remote monitoring and management system, Acronis applications are easy to deploy and sell, provide a complete packaged solution that can be uniquely customized and are built on industry proven technology. 

Acronis enables service providers to quickly generate new revenue streams by reselling Acronis hosted services or by implementing the same technology in their existing datacenters. Service providers benefit from flexibility between CAPEX and OPEX, and can take advantage of excess capacity in their existing infrastructure.

The Current State of Data Protection

Data loss occurs more often than people realize. It is not a question of IF any organization will experience a data loss, but rather WHEN it will happen. The proliferation of mobile devices in enterprise environments also increases the chances of data loss and unauthorized access.

According to a recent study from IDC, 70% of SMBs have insufficient disaster recovery protection of their critical data, and 49% would like to implement Managed Cloud Backup services.

For Service Providers, this opens up revenue opportunities with data protection solutions, including:

  • Protecting SaaS applications (O365, Hosted Exchange, Google Apps, SFDC)
  • Backing up endpoint devices (corporate data)
  • Providing Disaster Recovery as a Service

With Acronis cloud solutions for data protection, Service Providers can immediately impact their business and bottom lines through a comprehensive line of data proteection solutions that:

  • Provide sustainable enterprise-class backup and disaster recovery services
  • Increase ARPU and CLTV, while decreasing customer churn
  • Protect and recover on-premises and hosted data in the cloud

Tap into New Revenue with Acronis Cloud Solutions for Service Providers

Acronis enables Service Providers to bring a broad range of new data protection services quickly to market. Acronis cloud solutions include:

  • Acronis Backup Cloud – A Proven Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution
  • Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud – All-in-One Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Acronis Storage Cloud – Scalable, Cost-Effective Storage for Backup and Archiving

Acronis Services Get You Up-and-Running Quickly

Acronis provides a range of services to ensure service provider success. Choose from the following:

  • Deployment Services
  • Go-to-Market Services
  • On-boarding Support
  • Technical Support

If you’d like to learn more about how Acronis can help you capitalize on the rapidly expanding market opportunity for cloud data protections, contact Acronis now.


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