Aussie managed service provider (MSP) The Cavalry ranked 236th on this year's MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, and the company attributes its success in part to its flexible customer service.

Cavalry told MSPmentor it avoids a "one-size-fits-all approach," and instead tailors its managed services to meet customers' needs. Company Director Peter Low said this is one of the reasons his company is among the fastest-growing MSPs in Australia.

Cavalry's employees understand they need to meet customers' expectations every day, he told MSPmentor.

And as new technologies become available, Cavalry will focus on finding innovative ways to support single and multi-site offices in the Land Down Under.

"As client expectations from technology continue to rise, service providers need to have a strong focus on systems and workflow in order to meet these expectations and scale for growth," Low told MSPmentor.

Low sees 'a fast erosion' of traditional on-premises managed services
The days of traditional on-premises managed services are quickly coming to a close, but Cavalry has redefined the role of the MSP for Aussie offices.

Low said he believes there is "a fast erosion" from the traditional managed services that support on-premises servers.

Cavalry, however, sees other opportunities in the managed services market, and offers IT support at a fixed price to deliver "a truly different experience."

The Cavalry


Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Geography served: Australia
Number of employees: 30
Key Technology Partners: Apple, Citrix, Microsoft

Providing managed services in a cloud-first market
The cloud is key for many businesses, especially for those that want fast, real-time access to data.

Cavalry understands the value of cloud computing, Low said, and has developed a strategy to stay relevant in a highly competitive cloud services marketplace.

"Cloud services are already mainstream. If managed service providers do not have a strategy around this, they will struggle with relevance," he said.

Low pointed out Cavalry proactively manages customers' IT networks, and as a result, has become relevant in the cloud services space.

Where will Cavalry go from here?
Cavalry is on the rise, and Low said his company will continue to help customers "re-imagine the potential of IT as a key driver for innovation and growth."

Both single and multi-site offices leverage Cavalry for IT support, which has helped this MSP become nationally recognized across Australia.

"We are recognized as one of the leading cloud providers and thought leaders within Australia. This is evident in the numerous industry round table events that we are asked to participate [in] and the vendor partnerships we have who provide leads, marketing funds and where we run joint client events," Low said.

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