Tuesday, January 31st at 2pm ET

Today’s top managed services providers rely on automation and their remote monitoring and management tools to drive efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.  Join Scott Parker and Chris Reid from SolarWinds MSP to explore the critical roll automation will play in your growing IT service delivery business and how maximize its benefits.  Topics will include leveraging automation for scalability, revenue growth, business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Scott and Ali will cover:

  •          The benefits of modern IT Automation solutions.
  •          Automating for better deployment & monitoring.
  •          Automation for revenue growth  with patch, antivirus, and backup.
  •          Automation for efficiency with self-healing, maintenance, and configuration.
  •          Automation for customer satisfaction with reporting.

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Chris Reid - A well-known veteran of the MSP space, Chris Reid has been involved in the industry since 2005. Starting out in Technical Support, Chris quickly switched into a Product Management role at SolarWinds MSP, and has been involved in the marketing, feature set and delivery of almost all major releases of MSP N-central. You can reach Chris on LinkedIn.


Scott Parker - A veteran IT service management strategist and product expert, Scott Parker began his career resurrecting a failing global helpdesk for a major IT hardware manufacturer and progressed to managing national service delivery for a large MSP. His career with SolarWinds has progressed from a senior sales engineer, to product manager and now Senior Product Marketing Manager for their flagship MSP focused remote monitoring and management product, MSP N-central. You can connect with Scott on LinkedIn.