Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) have released the results of their survey of the cyber security practices and habits of about 1,500 small businesses in the United States. Not surprisingly, it shows many companies are lax in their policing of the network. Some of the more interesting data points include...

... the following:

  • Only 65% of those surveyed believe that Internet security is vital to their business, and a mere 28% have formal security policies in place.
  • 21% of companies believe online security is "a nice thing to have."
  • 66% of employees take electronic devices containing sensitive materials off-site.
  • 25% of businesses don't even have passwords on their wireless networks.
  • 86% of firms surveyed didn't have even a single IT professional on-site.

For full details of the survey, download the PDF of their findings here.

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