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Join us for an impactful discussion about how partners today need to change their approach to selling their services.

As we see an increasing amount of digitalization in businesses, it is fundamentally changing the way people make buying decisions around technology.

Increasingly, decision makers do not hail only from IT departments, but from the lines of business. In fact, studies have shown that there are anywhere between four and 10 people involved in the decision-making process for new solutions. Furthermore, due to the ease of researching solutions online, the buying process is nearly 70 percent complete before an organization reaches out to an MSP or solution provider. Websites today have become critically powerful tools in the lead generation and selling cycle.

The buying decision goes beyond who and where the seller is. As a result, showcasing a solution’s business outcomes by industry has become more important than ever before. To attract the right buyers, your website must be a powerful sales tool.

In this webinar, you will learn actionable ways you can start attracting the ideal target audience to your site, and how to drive real demand and lead generation from your website and your industry-wide social presence.

Join us on Tuesday, March 30th at 2 pm EST with Datto's Director of Customer Marketing, Shaun Pinney, to learn everything an MSP, CSP, and solution provider must know in order to succeed with the new sales model. 



Shaun Pinney is the Director of Customer Marketing at Datto. He's responsible for hitting revenue targets through a mix of paid and organic marketing campaigns. Prior to Datto, Shaun worked at HubSpot where he educated small business owners on how to improve their marketing, and grow their businesses.