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Almost every day, a new managed service provider launches with new services and a compelling business plan. Yet, for many providers, detailed business plans and long-term forecasts do not turn into realistic pipelines, actual sales deals, and real revenue growth.  
A successful MSP needs the right sales DNA to differentiate itself – and win against the competition.  Research shows strong recurring revenue sales people with a specific DNA are the keys to the new kingdom. Top of the funnel, bottom of the funnel, and real social and digital lead cultivation are all part of the partner’s sales success program.  

Join us for this Accelerate your Growth webinar, sponsored by SolarWinds, where you will learn how to:

  • Build a predictable funnel of opportunity with a predictable closing ratio
  • Move from 10 cents on the dollar of non-recurring, one time service revenue to 40 cents on the dollar of monthly recurring revenue
  • Build an empowered, autonomous, and top shelf sales culture within your organization
  • Solidify your ideal sales profile
  • Determine the leading indicators for success that will lead to your revenue growth

In this session, leading industry experts will demonstrate how you can accelerate your sales growth in the channel. Here are the three key takeaways you will leave with:

  • Develop a winning sales formula
  • Learn how to build a sales culture in your company; Discover why MSP sales people often fail and what the profile of the ideal sales candidate is
  • Discover how even one change can drive immediate sales

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Ali Mahmoud is Senior Product Marketing Manager at SolarWinds N-able where he is responsible for product messaging and go-to-market strategy. Ali is a software developer turned marketer with 10 years’ experience in high tech marketing, product management and sales with multiple exits totaling close to $100Mn. He is passionate about marketing that drives business, understanding what brings real value to customers and helping SMBs reach their full potential.