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Organizations today are feeling increased pressure from all sides, especially from what can often be two opposing forces: security and compliance. This creates new challenges for businesses of all sizes--especially staff-strapped SMBs--and thus new opportunities for managed service providers. Indeed, compliance as a service is one of the fastest-growing revenue opportunities for MSPs in today’s marketplace. And MSPs that can provide these services flexibly—on premise and in the cloud—and effectively—offering early threat detection and analytics combined with strong customer service—will be positioned to maintain customers for the long term in a recurring revenue model.

Attend this event and you will learn:

  •        The compliance regulations you and your customers must be on top of with robust operational plans;
  •        Why compliance service offerings are one of the fastest-growing market opportunities for MSPs, and how to take advantage of them;
  •        Innovative ways to increase revenue and profit centered on security and compliance;
  •        How you can differentiate from your competition to increase sales and margins; and
  •        How to protect your customers by staying well ahead of security threats.

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Mike Reinhart is the VP of Product Marketing at Accelops, Inc. where he brings 30+ years experience in the global technology space, including communications, Managed Service Provider (MSP) and SaaS industries. Mike’s experience comes from some of the world's largest corporations (ATT, SBC, Qwest) to the early stage start-ups including Covad Communications, MegaPath, OnFiber, 8x8 and others. Mike's background includes leadership roles in industry leading technology corporations from creating new markets and product categories, to positioning companies for growth through the development and execution of strategic business initiatives and partnerships. Mike's background has been focused primarily on cloud, security & compliance management, business analytics and customer experience management. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems Management from the University of San Francisco and holds technical certifications from leading networking hardware organizations.