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The security threat from ransomware is evolving and increasing … and the impact goes beyond the cost of security software and monitoring services. In fact, the most significant implication of ransomware is that it’s robbing your customers of their belief that technology systems can be reliable, secure resources to run critical parts of their businesses. And without confidence in IT, they plan to spend less on new systems … which has a spiraling effect on their business and your revenues. So how will you help your customers overcome ransomware threats and rebuild their confidence in their IT systems? In this session, Ryan Morris, contributing editor for Penton Technology, will examine the latest trends in the IT security segment and outline a specific 3-part plan for addressing your customer’s ransomware challenges. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Understanding the scope and financial impact of ransomware attacks in the US
  • Defining the role of IT systems, service providers, and end users in preventing or recovering from a ransomware attack
  • Creating a customer story that builds urgency for addressing ransomware threats without resorting to fear tactics

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Ryan Morris, Contributing Editor for Penton Technology and Principal Consultant for Morris Management Partners, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, consulting, and management in the technology/telecom industry. Through face-to-face interactions with literally thousands of channel partners, Ryan has gained a detailed understanding of the business issues facing channel companies and how to maximize growth and profitability. He also has developed, launched, and helped to implement successful go-to-market strategies for dozens of industry-leading vendors, distributors, and their channel partners