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The growing security threat facing organizations of all sizes and across industries is a huge opportunity for managed service providers—if they can figure out a way to provide services that will bolster customers’ ability to operating their business even in the face of cryptolocker or data loss due to employee error. The right balance will result in higher profits, recurring revenue opportunities and a means to more effectively engage with clients. One way to achieve this balance is through remote support tools that create efficiencies for both customers and MSPs.

Register for this seminar, presented by Ali Mahmoud and learn:

  • How can you ensure the safety of customer data regardless of the reason for data loss
  • How to restore just the files that are affected by cryptolocker
  • How to have a minimum impact on customer infrastructure when backing up large data sets
  • How to maximize revenue per customer device while minimizing your storage costs


Ali Mahmoud is Senior Product Marketing Manager at SolarWinds N-able where he is responsible for product messaging and go-to-market strategy. Ali is a software developer turned marketer with 10 years’ experience in high tech marketing, product management and sales with multiple exits totaling close to $100Mn. He is passionate about marketing that drives business, understanding what brings real value to customers and helping SMBs reach their full potential.