IBM (IBM) this week said it has patented a new cloud computing security technique designed to protect data notifications sent to and from mobile devices.

Big Blue's team of inventors developed a cloud-based service for app developers to secure the details in data notifications being pushed across mobile networks.

This service enables developers to encrypt data notifications and assign them unique message identifiers (ID) in the cloud. The messages are then securely transmitted to mobile devices via a third-party service provider.

The recipient can pull down and access the encrypted message content from the cloud after an end-user’s device authorizes the message.

"This technology can be used by any application developer to enhance security and privacy for the users, regardless of their relationship with IBM," said Caleb Barlow, director of Critical Infrastructure and Application, Data and Mobile Security at IBM.

IBM has been making its cloud efforts known by releasing various cloud-related announcements throughout 2013, as well as noting a variety of awarded cloud patents.

"Mobile is a major priority for IBM and we continue to encourage our researchers to identify new technologies that not only help our clients but also will help advance our position in the market," Barlow said. We will continue to evaluate this technology for potential inclusion in future mobile and cloud products."

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