Securing corporate data, including data that is in company email, is a top IT security and data protection concern when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD). Email data protection solutions provider Zix Corp. (NASDAQ: ZIXI) is addressing the issue with its mobile email app, ZixOne. What does ZixOne offer MSPs? We'll reveal the details.

The ZixOne concept is not unusual: enable employee access to data, but prevent data from being stored on a personal device. This BYOD approach protects data by providing the ability to disable access to corporate email if the device is lost or stolen. ZixCorp said the solution is more secure than containerization and mobile device management (MDM).

"Never allowing corporate email to reside on a personal device is the most secure way to manage business data," said ZixCorp Chairman and CEO Rick Spurr in a prepared statement. "Risk is eliminated because companies do not have to manage thousands of email and attachment copies, since they never leave corporate control. For IT managers and compliance officers, ZixOne relieves the tremendous burden BYOD has placed on their organizations."

Employees can access read, compose, reply and forward corporate email after entering a password. Business calendars and contacts are also accessible through the app.

ZixOne is currently in its beta testing. The product is scheduled for commercial availability on Sept. 3, 2013. It will be priced per employee (instead of per device).

For more information on the company's partner program, visit the ZixCorp website.