Internal information technology (IT) departments seem to be taking blows to the head from bring your own device (BYOD), presenting an open opportunity for managed services providers (MSPs) to easily slide into the picture and leverage expertise. A recent survey released by CTIA-The Wireless Association has made the claim that IT professionals are unaware of what employees doing on their mobile devices. We'll reveal the broken link between IT professionals and employees, along with other details from the survey.

The report's main takeaway: IT professionals think they know what employees are doing on their mobile devices, but they really have no idea -- or very little.

According to the survey, 30 percent of consumers were very or somewhat familiar with BYOD, however, it gets worse. Almost 47 percent of consumers reported that they had never heard of BYOD, suggesting a lack of communication between employees and their respective IT department.

But how are employees supposed to be educated on BYOD if IT professionals are lacking an understanding of the mobility approach? Sadly, the report revealed that 55 percent of IT professionals were very or somewhat familiar with BYOD, while 26 percent admitted to never hearing of it. If this is the case, should employees trust IT?

Apparently, they do. Almost 83 percent of employees believe that their smartphone is properly secured, compared to the 68 percent of IT professionals. The percentages for tablets were around the same for both groups.

The majority of both employees and IT professionals believe that it is the user's duty to keep devices secure, a way of thinking that may leave businesses vulnerable to security breaches, but businesses aren't concerned.

Both companies with less than 500 (72 percent) or 500 or more employees (62 percent) reported that it's the employee's responsibility to secure devices. In other words, employees should execute their main duties, while also acting as IT. The report also revealed than smaller businesses are less likely to take action to protect mobile devices.

Anyone see an opportunity here?

The survey was conducted in February 2013 with 250 IT decision makers and more than 1,000 full-time employed mobile device users.