Two main technologies for protecting mobile business application data have been vying for the attention of managed services providers (MSPs) -- application wrapping and application containers. Is one better than the other? What's the difference?

According to a report by ABI Research, app wrapping solutions will see a higher adoption rate than application container solutions, growing at a healthy 27 percent through 2018 -- but what's the main reason for this growth?

ABI Research Senior Analyst Jason McNicol said in a prepared statement that app wrappers will succeed because of their simplicity.

"Even traditional MDM (mobile device management) vendors are packaging app wrapping as a value-added solution to retain existing customers as the enterprise mobility market continues to evolve," he said.

Application wrapping adoption will grow in the Asia-Pacific region at 32 percent year over year, exceeding the number of enterprises adopting the technology in the North American region by 2018.

So what does the future hold for workspace management solutions? ABI Research Practice Director Dan Shey said in a prepared statement that the market is showing fewer pure-play solutions based solely on one type of solution. Instead, vendors are offering both technologies to meet the needs of workspace management. So the question remains: do you or your customers have a preference?