Good Technology has announced updates this week to its mobile collaboration suite, along with a new deployment option for its mobility platform.

The mobility technology provider's upgrades include a new calendar functions that go beyond the consumer apps found on Apple (AAPL) iOS and Google (GOOG) Android devices. Another feature enables replying, forwarding and adding attachments to calendar invites. Good Technology added that there is also tighter integration between apps for easier file sharing and collaboration.

The company added a new deployment option to Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform called Good Dynamics Direct Connect, which enables administrators to control where and how application data can be routed. After the initial activation is completed, this option allows data to flow from mobile devices to and from the corporate network via a secure connection (instead of passing through the Good Dynamics Network Operations Center).

Additionally, Good Technology unveiled Dynamics Enterprise Single Sign-On, providing users with access to behind-the-firewall enterprise resources without having to enter enterprise login credentials on their mobile devices.

Good Technology Chief Revenue Officer Dan Stoks told MSPmentor in an email that these releases provide channel partners with an opportunity to focus on customers' biggest priorities -- security and productivity.

"In a time where customers are looking for choice, Good's channel partners are uniquely able to deliver it," he said.

Stoks said Good Technology has seen growth during 2013 through its channel partners and will further invest in order to scale the business.

"Expanding our channel presence allows us to develop and deepen relationships across all our partners -- VARS, carriers and ISVs," he said.

Stoks left us with a prediction of what's to come in 2014, suggesting more acquisitions in the space: "In 2014, smaller players will either become irrelevant or be acquired by large enterprise IT providers. Given this space is moving at a fierce innovation pace, partners are going to want to team up with trusted and established mobile market leaders who have a long-term roadmap steeped in proven innovation and technologies."