IT and network management software developer ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp., will introduce a new pay-as-you-go model for MSPs and extend support in its mobile device management and desktop management sofware, Desktop Central, to new platforms. The company made the announcements while unveiling its 2014 roadmap this week at Mobile World Congress. Here's what managed service providers can expect in the next year.

Updates will include MDM support for BlackBerry, containerization for Android devices, and content management and advanced integrations with OEMs, while desktop enhancements will extend support to Mac.

ManageEngine Desktop and Mobile Device Management Solutions Product Manager Ananthakrishnan Vaidyanathan said it has "become paramount for IT admins to include mobile devices in their IT infrastructure. "

"Due to this, IT support software solution such as MDM is rapidly evolving with features such as containerization, which helps in segregating work and personal data on devices, and content management, to manage classified documents, to ensure security remains intact," he said.

In addition to MDM capabilities, ManageEngine plans to add new desktop management features to Desktop Central, too, Vaidyanathan said. These include support for deploying software to Mac computers, ability to take control of Mac computers remotely, advanced user access control in managing remote desktops and integrating all these features with ServiceDesk Plus MSP, the company's help desk software.

ManageEngine will also implement a pay-as-you-go plan to reduce the initial investments required for MSPs, Vaidyanathan said.

"We are planning to implement pay-as-you-go plans to reduce the MSP's initial investment," he said. "This is particularly helpful for budding MSP's and those who are reluctant to invest owing to evolving technologies and rapid changes."

With the enterprise mobility management (EMM) market in a disarray, Vaidyanathan said organizations are focusing more on security, aiming to prevent data from falling into the wrong hands.

"For this reason, EMM vendors are focusing on features that help to curb security issues such as content management, containerization, etc.," he said. "Even OEMs are opening up for MDM vendors to integrate management solution with their devices that ensures data stays secure and device management is simplified."

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