Welcome to the 2013 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition, a list of the world's top 501 managed services providers (MSPs).

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MSPmentor 501, Global Edition 2013, Companies 81 to 100

81. American Technology Services, Inc.         

ATS acquired Confluence Corp.'s network support and infrastructure services businesses in October 2012. The deal boosted ATS's economies of scale across help desk and managed services practices.

82. Helion Automotive Technologies    

Now here's a unique focus: Helion offers managed services to car dealerships. The company manages more than 15,000 PCs and recurring revenues jumped 25 percent in 2012.

83. Buchanan Technologies

Still one of the top MSPs in Texas, Buchanan seems to surface every year as an MSPmentor honoree. More than an MSP, the company also offers application development and consulting services in a range of markets.

84. CompuVision Systems Inc.

One of Edmonton's highest-profile MSPs, the 80-person company and its sister organizations have provided IT services since 1992.

85. Marco, Inc.

Another big player on our list, Marco has 615 employees. The company's four key areas of focus: Voice, data, video, print.

86. Data Recovery Services LLC           

In addition to cloud and managed services, Data Recovery offers metro fiber services.

87. The Scarlett Group

The MSP sees a three-step engagement with customers: Assessment and Recommendation, Technology Consulting and Planning, Tools and Management. Recurring revenues more than doubled in 2012.

88. Circle Computer Resources, Inc.

Circle focuses on two markets that most MSPs overlook: Travel stops and convenience stores, and broadcast monitoring. Recurring revenues rose 36 percent in 2012.

89. NetGain Technologies           

NetGain continues to lead loud and clear with managed IT services. And customers are listing. Recurring revenues rose 34 percent last year, and headcount reached 120 employees.

90. Network Outsource

Here's another MSP that's gone mobile. The company's CloudSource strategy extends across tablets and smartphones.

91. America's Remote Help Desk         

The company's help-desk services target three tiers: 50-149 users; 150-499 users; and 500 to 1000 end users. Infrastructure management services, meanwhile, scale to roughly 250 users. Recurring revenues apparently jumped more than 50 percent in 2012.

92. Endsight

Endsight offers four areas of outsourced expertise to customer: Planning, plumbing, people and projects. The company has more than 2,000 customer servers and network devices under management.

93. GreenPages Technology Solutions

GreenPages is attempting to take customers on a "100 percent virtualized, cloud-capabile infrastructure." Key partners include VMware. A multi-year MSPmentor honoree, GreenPages' recurring revenues grew another 20 percent in 2012.

94. CalTech

One of the top providers of managed services to financial services custoemrs in Texas. Recurring revenues jumped 44 percent in 2102, and headcount pushed beyond 60 employees.

95. 3t Systems

Another familiar name to MSPmentor readers, 3t Systems recently partnered with Greenway Medical Technologies to enhance healthcare workflow for customers.

96. Lincoln Computer Services

Extending beyond traditional managed services, Lincoln now promotes virtual desktops and cloud backup. The company grew from 45 to 60 employees in 2012, and supported New York-area customers through Hurricane Sandy.

97. West Monroe Partners

West Monroe focuses on multiple markets outside of managed services. But recurring revenues are growing fast -- up 67 percent in 2012. Key services include help desk, infrastructure management, application management and development, and data management/reporting.

98. Synoptek, Inc.  

The application and web development shop also offers IT outsourcing services. The MSP area of the business grew 35 percent in 2012, and headcount is nearing 100 employees.

99. Convergence Networks

Among the company's recent areas of focus: cloud integration services for both Office 365 and Google Apps.

100. Lanmark Technical Services Ltd 

The UK-based MSP stretches from IT support and consulting services to cloud services. VMware, Microsoft Office 365, and Mimecast are among the company's top solutions offered.

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