SADA Systems this week released a new cloud-based managed service to support its Microsoft (MSFT) Office 365 customers, aiming to fill any resource gaps and reduce long-term administrative overhead through proactive monitoring, escalation and incident management, and bi-annual cloud reviews.

Dubbed SADA CloudServ, the new offering consists of a package that leverages its own tool to deliver reports of Office 365 services and usage, and combines it with account management services, in an attempt to see how usage could be improved in the future.

In addition, SADA CloudServ also includes escalation and incident management, where SADA Systems will work on its customer's behalf with Microsoft to resolve any issues.

The company said its cloud-based managed service strategy ensures smooth performance of their cloud services on a monthly basis, which includes any on-premises maintenance and monitoring of all servers that touch Office 365.

"These cloud managed services give us the ability to proactively remediate any issues our clients may have with the Office 365 platform, while also providing consistent service management feedback to ensure solutions are being used to their optimal potential," SADA Systems National Sales Director Russel Buetow said in a prepared statement.

SADA Systems has also expanded its business with SharePoint consulting and custom development, as well as Microsoft Azure infrastructure deployment and support services in recent years.

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