Software as a service (SaaS)-based cloud application performance management provider New Relic has forged a partnership with IT management software provider ScienceLogic Inc. to offer combined application performance management (APM) and infrastructure performance management data for cloud services providers and businesses, hoping to assist them with performance and business goals. Here's the story.

According to the companies, the partnership, formed through New Relic's Connect Partner program leverages both companies' platforms to provide instant, comprehensive information to development and deployment teams. These teams are responsible for the management of applications running in the cloud and the data center. New Relic's Connect Partner program was created to help the company streamline product integrations with complementary technologies.

"By partnering with ScienceLogic, we are bringing our leading solutions together in a way that makes it simple and easy for service providers to combine infrastructure and application performance data into one holistic view," said New Relic Business Development Vice President Bill Lapcevic in a statement. "This capability allows for the creation of new advanced services and solutions by leveraging our rich application data set with the breadth of underlying monitoring of the cloud infrastructure."

Here's how it works. ScienceLogic's platform collects application performance data from New Relic’s published RESTful API, which, according to both companies, enables workflow integrations and deep visibility from the underlying infrastructure to the application layer. The integration also combines New Relic’s visibility into real user monitoring, server resources and app code with ScienceLogic’s real time performance, configuration, and fault analytics infrastructure.

"This new partnership exemplifies what ScienceLogic focuses on each day, making IT smarter by displaying actionable and contextual data across the entire technology stack used to deliver a service, adding New Relic’s superb end user experience performance analytics in a secure, multi-tenant environment," said ScienceLogic co-founder and CEO David Link in a prepared statement. "We are thrilled to work with New Relic for APM to bring the most comprehensive end-to-end cloud application monitoring solution available as we focus on the best analytics available to save the most time against issue resolution."

ScienceLogic recently extended its existing solutions to support hybrid cloud monitoring and management in the latest release of the ScienceLogic Smart IT platform. The update specifically targeted ScienceLogic Power-Packs that provide smart monitoring policies that are highly automated for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Web Services (AWS) and VMware (NYSE: VMW) vCloud Director.