The MSPmentor team is gearing up for AirWatch Connect (Sept. 9-12, Atlanta) and Datto Partner Conference (Sept. 10-13, Washington, D.C.). But before we earn a few more frequent flier miles, here are seven managed services provider (MSP) news stories, blogs and pieces of gossip we didn't have a chance to write for the week ending Sept. 6, 2013.

7. Biggest Mobility Month Ever: The tablet and smartphone trends are old news. But new wrinkles are emerging all the time. In this month alone we're tracking... Microsoft Buys Nokia Cellphone Business; Apple launching iOS 7 and iPhone 5s on Sept. 10; Samsung's Galaxy Gear Smartwatch launch; and BlackBerry's quest to sell itself. Amid all that market confusion, it's prime time for MSPs to bring a calm, clear, concise mobility strategy to their customers.

6. GFI Software: I get the feeling more surprises are coming. Some clues here and here. But that's not all, I suspect. MSPmentor's CJ Arlotta will be blogging live from their partner conference in Las Vegas later this month.

5. Expanding and Growing: CentraStage, the cloud-based RMM (remote monitoring and management) software provider, continues to push beyond its European footprint. The company's cloud-based offering is now available in the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region. Stand by for some additional CentraStage updates soon.

4. "What About Us?": My recent blog about Box and Dropbox file sharing and syncing alternatives triggered plenty of reader comments. A few dozen readers pointed us to ownCloud, which claims to integrate into existing IT infrastructure like security, monitoring, Microsoft Active Directory and more.

3. Happy Anniversary?: It has been two years since Summit Partners acquired Continuum (formerly Zenith RMM) from Zenith Infotech. Fast forward to the present: Continuum has expanded from its RMM and NOC heritage into deeper help desk, mobile and BDR services. The company has also launched a marketing/lead generation program for its MSP partners. Meanwhile, Zenith Infotech continues to focus heavily on storage and private cloud solutions while trying to work its way through a debt default case in India. More updates on both the Continuum and Zenith Infotech fronts, soon.

2. Got Vision?: Former VMware (VMW) CTO Stephen Herrod is set to keynote Datto Partner Conference. Herrod is among the key venture capitalists pumping $25 million into Datto. What attracted him to the backup and disaster recovery provider, and where does he see the business continuity, virtualization and converged data center markets heading next? We'll ask at the Datto conference.

1. Changing Favorites?: The Apple iOS 7 and iPhone 5s launch is September 10. But I'll be heading to a Small Business conference featuring Google instead. I'll be blogging live on The VAR Guy and also from Google+. And I'll be using a Samsung Galaxy WiFi camera -- with full Android -- to share photos from the conference. Funny, but more and more of my daily activities require me to "live" in Google environments.

I wonder... Are we all heading in that same direction? And is that healthy?