By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to John F. Kennedy International Airport for my flight to Las Vegas -- hopefully on time. Editorial Director Joe Panettieri and I will be live blogging at this year's IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference and VMware Partner Exchange with the latest news, rumors, and opinions. While you'll find a full preview of both IBM PartnerWorld  and VMware Partner Exchange later today on The VAR Guy, here's a sneak peak at what you can expect at IBM PartnerWorld.

IBM has ramped up its attention to MSPs in the last year with the introduction of PureSystems, opening up IBM Global Financing to MSP capital purchases and adding an MSP-specific partner program. Could we be hearing more about these initiatives in Las Vegas this week? What about IBM's recently announced MobileFirst initiative? It does look like IBM has MSPs in mind with at least part of its agenda.

Here's a small preview of what's ahead at IBM PartnerWorld:
  • IBM strategy update with IBM Global Business Partners General Manager Mark Hennessy;
  • CIO/CXO agenda with IBM Vice President of Marketing and Communications Jon Iwata;
  • And a panel on managed services providers (MSPs) and big data.
If you're going to be at the conferences, don't be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself. Feel free to contact me at or via Twitter @cjarlotta.