As Autotask Community Live 2013 wraps up, there was plenty of cloud and business management news for managed services providers (MSPs). Whether you attended the MSP and customer event or tracked it remotely, here's a complete list of MSPmentor's coverage, related links and analysis.

Our coverage features:

1. Autotask Community Live: Seven Rumors In the Hall -- including a rather interesting one about Microsoft's Office 365 Open cloud partner program.

2. Microsoft, Continuum Update Cloud, Managed Services Strategies -- including more Office 365 insights plus managed services profit guidance from Continuum VP Steve Ricketts.

3. Autotask CEO: Potential Cloud Services IPO? -- CEO Mark Cattini describes why the company has met with bankers and financial experts. No IPO is planned at this point. But Autotask now has a lot more knowledge about its own valuation, I suspect...

4. Autotask CEO: We Are Big Data, Smart IT Platform -- Take a closer look at this blog entry because it includes extensive views from many of Autotask's top executives. This is the blog you want to read for all of Autotask's key MSP messaging from the conference.

5. Autotask Community Live: 20 Questions -- This was our preview of the conference, raising key questions that MSPs should explore. 

That's all for now.