Looking to jump start your sales to meet the end-of-year crunch or improve your results in 2014? Salesforce.com (CRM) recently published tips from sales and marketing coach Anthony Iannarino, who also happens to be CEO of Solutions Staffing. The following offers a quick look at Iannarino's suggestions of ten things to do to be a rock star sales manager:

  1. Show that you care -- Make sure your sales team knows that you're there for them, not just the team as a whole, but individually, too.
  2. Be a coach -- Act as a coach. Be aware of when you should be non-directive and directive, balancing your team's needs.
  3. Always offer training -- Sales teams benefit from continuous training, each member, even the experienced ones. New ideas, skills are imperative to your team's success.
  4. Salespeople first, company second -- Make sure you invest in your team, take your time. Your team will assist with the success of your overall business.
  5. Set an example -- Show your sales team how to create value, become a leader, lead by example. Your sales team will become who you are.
  6. You're not the closer -- You're not the closer. Let your sales team close their own deals -- don't spread yourself thin.
  7. Develop a team -- Create a team that doesn't need your help. Your team needs to be able to run without you, otherwise you may be on the road to failure.
  8. Focus on effectiveness -- More activity doesn't necessarily produce positive results. If there is low activity, evaluate your sales team. What are they doing wrong? Are they confident or lacking required skills?
  9. Protect your team -- Protect your sales team, constantly. Stand up for your team when there may be an issue.
  10. Learn from your mistakes -- Remember your mistakes, use them to teach your sales team effective techniques for closing.

Salesforce pushed out new tools this summer to assist developers with building apps to help users make the most of "micro-moments."