Happy February, and welcome to my new Coffee Break blog. Going forward this will be a weekly blog where I take a break from the frantic pace and look at the big picture of the managed service provider and IT service provider markets (with perhaps an occasional detour to other topics) and share those thoughts with you.

But first some introductions. My name is Jessica Davis and I’ve been running MSPmentor for about three years as the top editor of the site. I’m one of the market experts/editors hand-picked by our founder, Joe Panettieri, when he was looking to scale his blog business and needed more time to spend doing so. I like to think that Joe hired me because he knew I would do a great job for you when he wasn’t around.

I joined MSPmentor from Channel Insider, where I was Editor-in-Chief, and I was excited to join a company that felt more entrepreneurial than the large media company I was leaving behind. I had other job offers then, from companies and titles I’m sure you’ve heard of. But, like you, I was drawn to Joe’s company, the culture he created here and his approach to delivering the information you needed. Joe chose me because I was a fit for that culture.

He also hired me because I knew your world. I’ve been writing about business and technology – my two passions – and where they intersect since the early 1990s when I was a staff writer at a local business journal.  Over the course of a long career I’ve led newsrooms, guided coverage, edited big names (probably the biggest one was Bob Metcalfe when he was writing for InfoWorld as a columnist in the late 1990s), visited hundreds of Silicon Valley-based technology companies (I lived in San Jose, California for 12 years), and attended a gajillion technology conferences. (Although I scaled back on travel quite a bit 10 years ago when I became a parent for the first time.)

As you may already know, Joe and his co-founder Amy Katz left the company they founded about nine months ago. (They had sold their blog/ information services business to Penton in 2011.) Since Joe and Amy left, my colleagues and I at sister sites The VAR Guy and Talkin’ Cloud have been busier than we could have imagined just keeping everything running day to day. I haven’t been able to engage with you as much as I wanted to. And that needs to change in the year ahead.

In this space every week, I'll be taking the first steps to making that change. First and foremost, this is about you – your business, your concerns, your challenges, your needs, your successes. So let’s talk. (And when I see you, I'll buy you a coffee.)

Jessica Davis
Jessica.davis (at) penton.com