Security solutions vendor BeyondTrust has announced PowerBroker for Windows 6.0, adding session- and file-integrity monitoring capabilities, and analytics and policy deployments to drive greater context-aware security intelligence for Microsoft (MSFT) Windows infrastructure environments. This solution leverages the company's Retina CS Threat Management Console to help evaluate a system’s overall risk to help administrators decide on what privileges should be assigned to a user or system. What else is included in this PowerBroker release? We'll reveal the details.

The new PowerBroker version builds on BeyondTrust’s vision to tackle customer security challenges by providing security and compliance solutions.

With that in mind the following features have been added to the latest release of PowerBroker:

Session monitoring -- BeyondTrust customers can record user activity on a per application basis. This capability is essential in troubleshooting and forensic work;

File integrity monitoring -- This feature adds an additional security layer, allowing or denying access to modify files in the directory. Access can be targeted to applications or users;

Retina CS policy deployment -- Retina CS can now be used to store and distribute PowerBroker for Windows 6.0 policies. Group policy is no longer required (but may still be used), which provides a single pane of glass for reporting and policy creation via Retina CS; and

Redesigned “Metro” user interface -- With a new Windows 8 “Metro” theme user interface, customers enjoy a modern look and feel, with more intuitive and easier-to-navigate dashboards. BeyondTrust Product Strategy and Operations EVP Brad Hibbert said in his prepared remarks that the product update enables administrators to make "more effective security decisions."

"Security teams more often make critical business decisions based on threats after the fact, regardless of addressing the context of those threats," he said.

PowerBroker for Windows 6.0 is available as a free upgrade for existing customers.

This week’s announcement from Microsoft’s TechEd conference follows on the company’s last version. BeyondTrust released its PowerBroker for Windows 5.5 back in January of 2013.