Managed security services provider (MSSP) MainNerve today said it has partnered with AccelOps to leverage the company's analytics-driven IT operations management platform.

The parnership will enable MainNerve to provide security and compliance automation for its Virtual Cyber Security Officer (VCSO) program, which was designed to get any organization into security complaince, regardless of its current state, the company said.

MainNerve's VCSO program provides managed technical security solutions, which include unified threat prevention; log collection and management with storage; and Adaptive Darknet, MainNerve's threat solution. Additionally, the program includes administrative security solutions.

"To hire an additional resource carries a significant burden on organizations, and MainNerve's VCSO eliminates that burden and helps organizations with increased capabilities at a predictable cost, with a certainty related to performance," MainNerve founder and COO Jeff Logsdon told MSPmentor in an interview.

Logsdon said the AccelOps platform was selected because the solution is "designed for service providers as opposed to off the shelf solutions intended for direct end users," adding that the company is "extremely excited" about this opportunity to work with AccelOps.

"We are able to take to market their managed solution and with it, the capabilities that will make a useful, practical and actionable for the end-users, he said. "AccelOps is set-up to focus on making their solution relevant to business needs.

Logsdon noted that MainNerve's expertise will complement AccelOps' solution by providing that "layer of clarity."

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