eFolder last week announced a huge customer win – HTG Peer Groups, an organization whose members are some of the most influential and pioneering  managed service providers and IT service providers.

HTG Peer Groups will use eFolder Anchor for peer group collaboration going forward. eFolder said that HTG’s decision to standardize on Anchor further solidifies eFolder’s position as a leading provider of business-class file sync in the IT channel.

Here’s a little refresher on Anchor: It’s a business-grade file sync service that syncs organizational data, letting users access and share data from their computers, mobile devices and the web. Thousands of end-user organizations currently use Anchor for file sync, share and collaboration, eFolder said. eFolder acquired Anchor in September 2013.

The HTG Peer Groups customer win is a competitive win for eFolder. HTG previously used another popular web-based collaboration platform (which they declined to name), but I’ve heard it is the most common one on the market with a huge legacy installed base. You can probably guess what it is.

eFolder said that by enabling a continuous sync of files and folders across multiple devices, Anchor allows HTG members to seamlessly access, quickly share and easily collaborate on peer group content. HTG has deployed Anchor to all 350 HTG member companies.

“Seamless collaboration on files, agendas, and group content is a necessary starting point for peer group success,” said Arlin Sorensen, founder and CEO of HTG Peer Groups, in a prepared statement.

“HTG is looking for members to take collaboration and accountability to a deeper level,” he said. “The technology we deploy must facilitate the peer group process, not get in the way. For us, standardizing on Anchor was an obvious choice. eFolder is not only one of HTG’s most loyal vendor sponsors, but their Anchor product had already won rave reviews from HTG partners and their clients alike.”

eFolder VP of Marketing Ted Hulsy echoed Sorensen’s enthusiasm.

“HTG and eFolder are both heavily invested in partner success,” he said. “We share many of the same values with HTG and understand the role of technology in driving collaboration and accountability.”

eFolder is a charter sponsor of HTG and a Platinum Sponsor of HTG since 2013. In May 2013, eFolder was recognized as Vendor Sponsor of the Year by HTG. eFolder also noted that more than half of HTG member companies are currently partnered with eFolder.