As December approaches, managed services providers (MSPs) are working late nights to snag any last minute data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) deals, meeting with customers, pushing the value of business continuity (BC), hoping to end 2014 with a bang.

While some of these deals may be last minute for MSPs, customers shouldn't feel rushed. Customers have their own priorities -- recognize that and act accordingly.

To ease some of these late nights, we've put together a list of our top five BDR and BC posts from November.

How MSPs Can Explain Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity to Customers.

As MSPs market BDR and BC solutions to customers, they may come across various misconceptions of how the two terms relate to each other, as well as a long list of other questions.

How Frequently Should MSPs Evaluate New BDR Solutions?

As the data BDR market becomes overcrowded, MSPs may start shopping for new vendors and solutions -- a task that may not be so easy.

How MSPs Can Set Expectations for BDR Customers

Potential BDR customers may not know what to expect from a BDR offering, and that's okay. As an MSP, it's your job to educate and set expectations from the start. But what expectations should you set?

Protect Your Data: Disasters Can Be Human, Too

Protecting a customers from disasters requires a little hand holding from an MSP that can connect the dots at the very beginning, especially when it's the last thing on the minds of customers.

How One MSP Uses Datto Alto as a Differentiator in the BDR Market

Differentiating yourself in the market as a MSP offering BDR can be a challenge. Here's how one MSP won new customers with fully managed server sales.