Selling backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions isn't easy for managed services providers (MSPs) in an economy bogged down with uncertainty. Customers may be relunctant at first to buy into additional BDR services, but their initial reaction can be overcome by a perfect BDR demo or a convincing sales pitch. Here's how to pull it off with ease.

Follow these BDR selling takeways from our Datto BDR Infocenter to increase the likelihood of sales, while leveraging recurring revenue:

  • 5 Tips: Leveraging the Demo for BDR Sales -- The turning point in the BDR services sales process may very well come with a well-executed demo. A good demo shows (rather than tells) the advantages of leveraging your company's product or service.  Disaster recovery (DR) and intelligent business continuity (IBC) solutions vendor Datto reviewed the secrets to presenting the perfect BDR demo on its blog.
  • Selling The Value of BDR Instead of the Price of Backup -- An MSP understands the differences between BDR and backups, but do customers?  Clark Integrated Technologies Sales Director Austen Clark provided MSPmentor with an inside look at how MSPs as trusted advisors must educate and guide end users through technology, especially when it comes to the differences between BDR and backups;
  • 3 BDR Points to Drive Home to Customers -- Customers will have questions and sales objections, and a savvy MSP should be ready with answers. After all, you're their IT department. CCNS Consulting owner Karl Bickmore provided some insights gleaned from his own experience as a BDR MSP.
  • Closing the Deal: How to Take Initial Contact to Closed Sale -- Smart sales reps at MSPs know that closing a BDR deal takes insight and finesse. How fast should you follow up and how often? DR and IBC solutions vendor Datto's sales expert Mike Hanauer revealed his secrets on the best ways to follow up with potential customers after the initial BDR pitch on the company's blog.

Every MSP has something different to offer customers, but turning potential customers into customers is done with the same approach. Remember that you're selling a service and a solution, not one or the other. Show a demo that a potential customer will remember; sell BDR, not the price; drive major points home and answer any questions; and close the detail with a new customer.