While many managed services providers (MSPs) are gearing up for the upcoming hurricane season in the Atlantic, CCNS Consulting owner Karl Bickmore is preparing his customers for another seasonal type of seasonal storm: monsoons. How does this MSP handle summer monsoons? We'll reveal the answer in this backup and disaster recovery (BDR) exclusive.

Bickmore told MSPmentor that most of CCNS Consulting's customers are located in Phoenix, Ariz. and Los Angeles, Calif., so they're not too concerned with hurricanes, but monsoons are a different story.

"Yeah, we totally have monsoons in the summer," he said via email. "We typically have to go to BDR virtualization on at least two or three customers when those summer storms roll through."

To best prepare customers for these summer storms, CCNS Consulting follows a the following checklist of procedures:

  • Check all uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems;
  • Test all backups to make sure that they are working properly;
  • Verify all devices are correctly surge protected;
  • Review each customer's business continuity (BC) plan; and 
  • Make equipment replacement recommendations for any systems that are higher risk for failure.

Bickmore said that the company makes replacement recommendations for systems that are at a higher risk for failure because those systems will be the first to have issues.

While these procedures could be used for any type of disaster planning, there's an underlying lesson here: understand the natural disaster risks in your customers' geography. Ask yourself: Which type of storms will hit them during the summer?