Before we reveal our top five backup and disaster recovery (BDR) articles this month for managed services providers (MSPs) to review over the Memorial Day weekend, let us first take a moment to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Let us never forget the sacrifices they've made to defend, protect, and honor our nation. Their bravery and courage defines what it means to be an American. We at Nine Lives Media thank you.

The following are our top five BDR articles for the month of May for MSPs to review over the Memorial Day weekend:

5 BDR Pricing Tips for MSPs to Keep in Mind

The pricing of a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offering can make or break the solution's profitability for managed services providers (MSP). To avoid beginner mistakes with BDR pricing, we did a little research and discovered five pricing tips that can help MSPs keep their head above water.

Q&A: Top BDR Questions and Answers from MSPs

Every managed services provider (MSP) has had a question or two on backup and disaster recovery (BDR). To help answer some of the top questions we reached out to disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (IC) solutions vendor Datto to find out what MSPs have been asking them. Take a seat, grab a pen and paper, and pay attention to what we've learned in this MSPmentor exclusive. But don't worry, there won't be a test.

Show, Sell, Bundle: 3 BDR Sales Tips for MSPs

Managed services providers (MSPs) offering backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions may want to think twice before cold calling potential customers. These types of solutions are often difficult for non-technical business owners to understand, leaving them confused and flustered. Instead of leaving money on the table, take a step back, drop the phone, and show the power of these solutions. Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (IC) solutions vendor Datto offered the tips on differentiating your BDR and IC services in one of their blog posts.

Evaluate BDR Customers Before Signing On the Dotted Line

Before signing on the dotted line with new backup and disaster recovery (BDR) customers make sure you evaluate their technology. Visit their place of business, ask for a tour, and look for signs of a good business partner. If you're not sure what to search for, don't worry, we've reached out to disaster recovery (DR) and intelligent business continuity (IBC) solutions vendor Datto for answers. Should your customer be committed to technology?

3 BDR Mistakes: Learn from the Missteps of Other MSPs

Many managed services providers (MSPs) selling backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offerings may not have hit the ground running when they first rolled out their services. Some strategies worked, while others failed. To find out where MSPs may have made common errors, we’ve reached out to a couple of MSPs in the channel and asked them to share their mistakes for the sake of education.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and stay safe.