Generating quality leads can put managed services providers (MSPs) on the right path to successful sales of data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity (BC) solutions. But how can MSPs get there?

Disaster recovery (DR) and BC solutions vendor Datto has suggested these ways for MSPs to generate more BDR leads in one of the company's in one of the blog posts:

  • Define your search.
  • Locate the decision makers.
  • Gather contact information.

Define your search

Datto suggested that MSPs don't need an area of specialization because they can easily narrow searches down by geographical location and then by business size to find  the right lead.

MSPs can use social network websites such as Facebook or Twitter to search for businesses. Datto also reccommended the use of Google Maps to search for businesses by industry.

Always check out a business website to review their IT needs. Once an MSP decides which businesses to go after, they'll need to find and target the decision makers.

Locate the decision makers

First take a look at the lead's website to find an email address, but remember that not all email addresses are treated equally. MSPs should look for an individual, not a general email address.

Do an Internet search and look for a company contact. WHOIS can be a useful for finding contact information. If WHOIS fails, MSPs can try leveraging Manta, Hoovers or Lead411.

Gather contact information

After finding a prospect that meets your criteria, it's time to contact them. Maybe you found a proper contact email address, but maybe you haven't.

Datto said pay attention to email addresses at the company. If a company uses a first initial and last name for one email address, it's more than likely they do that for all of their email address.

Once you've gotten the research done and the contact information, it's time to make contact. Remember, you want to talk to the company about their business needs. Don't bury them in tech jargon.