One thing we can take away from traveling from conference to conference is learning how managed services providers can be successful in any market, including data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity (BC).

Before attempting to tackle the challenges of BDR, seek out MSPs that have been doing it longer than you have and are successful. Find out what these MSPs are doing right, as well as what they have done wrong in the past. Instead of reinventing the wheel, build onto it. 

Learn which BDR vendors are being used by successful MSPs, and leverage those. Understand why these vendors are being used by these MSPs and deploy their strategy.

Remember: We sometimes worry about nothing. Let me rephrase: We often worry about nothing. Start focusing on what matters. Define what success means for you and your business and strive for it.

But most importantly -- keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Break successful strategies down, but don't get too technical. You're not going to get anywhere by worry about this feature or that feature. You'll survive by adapting to the best practices of successful MSPs.