Our backup and disaster recovery (BDR) infocenter for managed services providers (MSPs) kicked off the month of February, gearing our readers up for potential storms in the upcoming weeks and months. After a massive blizzard hit the Northeast, many of you may be wondering if we're psychics. While sometimes it may look like we can predict the future, we, sadly, cannot. If we could, many of you, including many of us, would be living on our own separate islands. We can only hope to prepare you for any disasters on the way. Here's a review of our top BDR articles from February.

Each article below is unique in its own way and delivers its own lesson for BDR preparation. Read the articles you may have missed and review the ones that you already have read.

  • BDR 101: Eat Your Own Dog Food, Says masterIT CEO -- While some managed services providers boast about backup and disaster recovery (BDR) reliable enough for nuclear strikes, others eat their own dog food. MasterIT CEO Michael Drake explains why.
  • BDR Reliable Enough for a Nuclear Strike -- Backup and disaster recovery requires managed services providers to plan for disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards, but what about the possibility of nuclear strike? Have you prepared a plan for the end of the world? BlackPoint IT Services CEO James Watson jokingly suggested to MSPmentor that his company has prepared itself for a nuclear bomb, which is just a strong way to express his certainty that his clients’ data is secure. Here’s an inside look at Watson’s view on BDR and the company.
  • BDR Essentials: Five Features for Backup Bliss -- Selecting the right solution for backup and disaster recovery can be a complex process for managed services providers. Many solutions may seem appealing, but do they provide everything you need for reliable BDR. Cloud or on-premise? How often should you test the backup? (You do test your backups, right?) And what about virtualization?
  • Nemo Blizzard: Datto CEO Tackles Unforeseen BDR Challenge -- Managed services providers may prepare for disasters ahead of time, but it does not mean that everything will always go according to plan. Storms bring their own own unique backup and disaster recovery challenges, leaving it up to MSPs to adapt to the circumstances. Here's an exclusive look into how Datto CEO Austin McChord handled the situation and adjusted the company’s disaster planning for the future after an unforeseen issue.
  • Datto vs. Blizzard Nemo: An View from Inside the BDR Plan -- Every storm brings unique backup and disaster recovery challenges for managed services providers. MSPs address them by being prepared, adapting to unusual circumstances, and learning from mistakes. Datto‘s Director of Technical Support Victor Mathieu shared his company’s Nemo experience with us and explained how being proactive prepares the company for any storm that Mother Nature throws at them. Here’s the exclusive scoop.
  • Nemo Blizzard: Getting Your Customers Ready for Outages -- Potential IT failures during storms is why managed services providers have prepared their clients with instructions to protect against the negative effects of potential disruptions. Webistix, Inc, an MSPmentor 100 company in 2008, offers several tips for its different classes of clients when weather threatens power and other service disruptions. Webistix CEO Vincent Dispigno was kind enough to share with us these instructions. Here are the details.
  • Winter Storm Nemo Forecast: Blizzard, Nor’easter Meets BDR  -- Testing business continuity plans before a storm is essential. Managed  services providers have ample time to test business continuity plans with its customers in potential storm areas.

Which articles have prepared you for your business continuity and disaster plans?