While the data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) market thrived in Q3 2013, MSPmentor focused on business principles, tracking BDR market updates and the Nomadic MSP.

As you go into the new year, take each of these articles into consideration before planning out your strategy. Are you focusing on business principles? Are you tracking the BDR market? In case of an emergency, are you ready to pick up and leave?

3 Business Principles for Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

MSPs may have difficulty with balancing the needs of BDR customers, struggling to keep up with their demands. If MSPs focus on a few core business principles, however, balancing these needs can be a breeze.

3 BDR Trends: Tracking the MSP Market for Backup

The BDR market is constantly evolving, continuing to make its way into the portfolio of MSPs. New solutions are being released, and new vendors are pushing their way through for a share of the market. How do MSPs keep track of these trends? Where should they focus their efforts?

Backup, Disaster, Recovery: Meet The Nomadic MSP

MSPs worry about BDR and BC plans for customers, but what about themselves? If a disaster strikes, will MSPs be ready to pick up and go at the snap of a finger? Are you a Nomadic MSP?

Additionally, one BDR vendor that stood out during this time period was Datto. Some of the company's accomplishments include the following:

This past week, we also reviewed top BDR training and enablement stories for MSPs from Q1 and Q2:

Don't be afraid of letting us know what we may have missed. If you remember a noteworthy BDR story from Q3 2013, let us know in the comments section below.