No matter how hard we try, the war against Mother Nature cannot be won; we will always lose. Once a managed services provider (MSP) understands this reality, it will be easier to adapt to it. With modern technology, meteorologists have the ability to predict the weather for your child's soccer game, but that's not all. They also have tools that can warn us of possible tornados, floods, hurricanes, and blizzards, informing us on how we should prepare. Sadly, at this point, however, Mother nature has already taken the lead.

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is not just about finding the right solution for your customers, adapting to unforeseen circumstances is another major part of it. If you're an avid reader of MSPmentor, which I hope you are (and if you're not, I hope you will be), you'd know that MSPs need to prepare, prepare, and prepare for potential disasters. But maybe we've mislead you.

If you're reacting to Mr. Weather, it's too late

Your customers should be prepared to handle a disaster at any moment. You should be preparing, preparing, and preparing your customers throughout the year for various disasters. Disasters can strike at any moment, without any warning from Mr. Weather. Could your customers handle an earthquake?

Inform your customers of your preparations

Just because you may be prepared to handle a disaster at any moment, it does not mean that your work is complete. Your customers will want to see your presence before a potential disaster. Remember: They're watching Mr. Weather. Instead of telling them that they're covered, show them. Provide them an outline of what you've done to protect their data. What are the possible outcomes? How can they reach you? What makes this storm different than other storms?

We can't control Mother Nature, unfortunately. We can, on the other hand, defend ourselves (and your customers) from her potential disasters. Mr. Weather cannot always predict Mother Nature's moves, but you always have to be prepared to protect your customers.