Spring is right around the corner, and data and backup disaster recovery (BDR) customers have the date circled in their calendars, especially those customers located in the Northeast. But when the warm weather hits, customers may forget about disaster recovery (DR) -- as if disasters only occur during the colder months. So, with this in mind, how can managed services providers (MSPs) remind customers of the dangers associated with data loss?

While there are customers who believe disasters are only a result of natural disasters, MSPs know better (or at least they should) that the majority of diasters are not connected to weather conditions at all.

To point out how proper DR and business continuity (BC) planning can protect businesses from data loss, take note of the following suggestions:

Show them the numbers -- If customers don't believe that the majority of data loss is the result of human error, show them the numbers. Put together an infographic or chart to simplify your argument. Use your own data, but also leverage data from independent IT research firms.

Present them with case studies -- Do you have a customer who was recently infected with the Cryptolocker virus? Share that story with your customers (keeping the name of the customer anonymous, of course). Show them what Customer A did right and wrong.

Simply remind them -- Selling BDR during the warmer months may be like selling muscle cars in the winter, but it's important to push the issue with customers and remind them how important it is to BC. Send them emails, newsletters and call them. Remember: it's about business, not technology.

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