If you're in the Northeast region of the United States, more than likely, you're fed up with the snow and cold (I know I am). Warmer weather, though, has the potential to throw a wrench into your data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) and business continuity (BC) planning. Not sure what I'm talking about? Think about this question: What will happen after all of this snow melts?

If you guessed flooding, you're one of today's winners. Sorry, we don't have an exciting prize for you, but we do have a few ways for you to keep yourself, employees and customers safe during a flood.

Managed services provider powersolution.com put together a quick blog post on tips MSPs can give to customers to prepare for floods. The MSP pointed out the importance of first taking care of yourself, friends and family. After all is well on that end, then it's time to prepare your business.

The following are three practical computer tips for customers dealing with potential floods:

  • Be sure to properly power off all your desktop/notebook PC prior to leaving the office.
  • If you are in a flood prone area, move systems and other electronic and electric devices up from the floor and place them on your desk or higher, if possible.
  • Please, advise your colleagues to do the same and take care of their workstations and other devices.

Also, have your customers take care of their colleagues. What if someone is out? Is his or her workstation taken care of?

How you use the above tips is up to you. Why not send them out in one of your newsletters? What about emailing your customers the tips above? Be creative.

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