Planning for disaster recovery (DR) requires managed services providers (MSPs) to make decisions on personnel during storms, specifically with regards to keeping employees on call for potential emergencies.

CCNS Consulting owner Karl Bickmore said told MSPmentor that his customers face more disasters in the summer than in the winter, due to his location.

"In our Phoenix office, the summer time not only brings the heat, but is also brings the monsoon season," he said. "Those storms can roll through quickly and can be very disruptive to power and infrastructure."

CCNS keeps two employees on call to tackle any potential issues that may arise from a storm in the Phoenix area, Bickmore said.

"Usually when a storm comes through we find ourselves with several clients showing offline," he said. "The trick is, do we just have temporary Internet outages, or do we have a more serious problem?"

To make things a little easier on his on call employees, Bickmore requires storm preparations to be part of company's normal routine.

"We check the client’s power infrastructure; we test the BDR’s for safe and efficient virtualization; and we review our contact information for the client’s vendor (power, ISP, building management)," he said.

After determining whether or not to have employees on call, the next step is to ask: How many?

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