The makers of a new artificial intelligence-powered support portal say their tool can help MSPs save an average of 28 hours per technician each month, by automating more of the ticketing and scheduling process and integrating it with your PSA.

SupportBot by currently integrates with Autotask and ConnectWise, with plans to roll out to other platforms in the future.

The SupportBot portal can be placed anywhere on an MSP’s homepage, enabling end users to instantly engage with an automated chat bot for a customizable range of support services.

Shvayetsky“This is a product designed specifically for MSPs,” founder Alex Shvayetsky said. “It’s an AI assistant specifically to try to save them some money and time.”

SupportBot is installed during a consultation.

“When an MSP signs up with us, we take them through a basic setup and customization process that allows them to connect SupportBot to the PSA system they’re using,” he said.

“They provide the URL for their website, where they want the SupportBot to sit,” Shvayetsky explained. “When their customer goes on their website, they see a little button that says ‘SupportBot,’ and they can now communicate with support.”

The time savings come from an innovative streamlining of communication between support and the end user.

“It lets them place new support tickets, they can edit tickets and we have tool integration with PSA calendars and Office 365 calendars,” he said. “Customers can schedule support appointments with a technician.

“SupportBot records it and sends a confirming email. It saves time on a lot of back and forth.”

A new feature rollout this week includes a customizable communication function that can escalate a support session to a live technician for a chat session.

“The MSP can select which priority they consider an emergency,” Shvayetsky said. “For that emergency, they have the option to turn the live communication on right from there. “All of the chat gets recorded in the ticket automatically.”

The product launched in February and since then, the company has signed up more than 100 customers, the founder said.

Cost is intended to be disruptive and generate solid return on investment for the MSP.

“Our pricing structure is not based on per user,” he said. “That’s why we feel we can really save a lot of money for customers that have at least 3 or 4 techs. It’s $99 per month for up to 8 active technicians.”

Bigger options exist, up to an enterprise plan with access for unlimited technicians. 

The license doesn’t limit a customer to a single URL; the tool can be placed on multiple websites for the same subscription fee.

“If SupportBot is able to save an MSP just a couple of hours per week per technician…you only have to save 4 hours for one technician to already pay for the product,” Shvayetsky said.


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