ManageEngine today unveiled a QuickBooks integration and computer telephony integration (CTI) for ServiceDesk Plus - MSP, the company's ITIL-ready help desk software for managed service providers (MSPs).

The new version of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP was unveiled at the MSPWorld Fall Conference in Las Vegas and is designed "to enable MSPs to deliver service in a profitable manner," according to ManageEngine Director of Engineering Umasankar Narayanasamy.

"We've enhanced ServiceDesk Plus - MSP with new features that allow managed service providers to increase their efficiency and their bottom line at the same time," Narayanasamy said in a prepared statement. "And we continue to make the standard edition of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP available for free, so MSPs [can] see just how powerful our solution is -- risk free."

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP now lets users integrate their help desks with QuickBooks, allowing them to sync accounts, work log types and work log time with customers, items and quantity across both solutions simultaneously.

"With the QuickBooks integration, the process of billing gets automated," a ManageEngine spokesperson told MSPmentor.

The CTI integration, meanwhile, collects caller details such as a caller's name, account name, site and pending tickets and displays those details in the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP user interface.

"With CTI, the technicians will be able to provide prompt responses to customers, helping them improve customer satisfaction," a ManageEngine spokesperson added.

ManageEngine noted ServiceDesk Plus - MSP's CTI supports Asterisk and Avaya (AV) as well.

How does ServiceDesk Plus - MSP work?

ServiceDesk Plus - MSP allows service providers to streamline their account management and handle multiple accounts in a single help desk, according to ManageEngine.

This help desk software provides MSPs with:

  • Asset management
  • Incident management
  • Knowledge base
  • Purchase and contract management
  • Remote control management
  • Service-level agreements (SLAs)

ManageEngine also has added two features to the ServiceDesk Plus - MSP iPhone application -- custom push notifications and request approvals.

Technicians now can use the app to access request and task assignments, requester replies and request approvals or rejections and approve or reject any request approvals that are submitted to them.

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