As MSPs scale their businesses to deliver more services to more customers, they're experiencing a new phenomenon dubbed "tool sprawl." They’re using more and more tools to monitor and secure their network, which makes it more and more complicated to really understand what’s happening in the network. The main problem with running multiple tools on the network is that you can't correlate what's happening among the tools to understand the root cause of the problem.

Using three monitoring tools is a recipe for poor execution. Any one of those pieces of data in isolation is notable but not actionable. When you correlate the three, and apply complex event processing to the result, you'll notice if your network is under attack.

IT operations analytics platform provider AccelOps aims to eliminate tool sprawl to improve root cause analysis. MSPmentor sat down with Dan Turchin, chief product officer at AccelOps, to learn more about how MSPs can tap into the data that all of these different tools are monitoring by cross-correlating data to get to root causes faster.

Turchin also shares information about how MSPs can participate in a free 30-day trial of AccelOps to see how cross-correlation can work for them.

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